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Mountain Minutemen

Mountain Minutemen
In a Canyon Near You...
Defending America Borders from Illegal Aliens, Drugs and Terrorism
watch video
Watch The Video
Robert, leader of the Mountain Minutemen, is engaged daily in a different kind of Minuteman operation.
Working closely with the US Border Patrol and local landowners,
this military veteran has been a key player in the battle against narco-terrorists who are poisoning our nations children, and the human traffickers who are feeding the invasion of the United States of America. His base of operations is the foothills of Jacumba, CA.
and he invites you to join him in his battle.

For a day, a week, or whatever time you can donate. Donations are gratefully accepted
via PayPal, check, or money order, and are used to purchase equipment critical to our cause
such as night vision and radio gear and to fuel "T-Rex", the Deuce and a Half military cargo vehicle
so essential to our daily (and nightly)operations .
Your country is calling.
Questions? Want to join?
Email casamigrand@yahoo.com

Join or Support the Mountain Minutemen
Mail a donation to:
Mountain Minuteman
P.O.Box 411,
Jacumba, Ca. 91934

Email: Email Mountain Minutemen

How to Donate via Paypal
go to Paypal.com and donate to this email casamigrand@yahoo.com

Help us with these cups to buy a survailance camera for Patriot Point. the "Campo-Cam". Thank You!....................................lil"Dog"
(1) ceramic coffee cup: $10.00
(2) stainless lid-mug: $20.00
plus $5.00 shipping

ceramic coffee mug

stainless lid-mug

HighDesert Minutemen

San Diego Minutemen

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