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San Diego Minutemen
Serving the Citizens of San Diego County

San Diego MinutemenMotto: Serving the Citizens of San Diego County

Established: October 2005 at Oceanside, CA

Founder: Jeff S.
Co-founder: Jeff M.
(both are experienced Minutemen, border watchers, and activists. Jeff S. is a recently retired U.S. Marine)

Mission: To demand maximum border security, oppose illegal immigration in all parts of San Diego County, and to assist the U.S. Border Patrol in securing the U.S.-Mexican Border from terrorists, criminals, drugs, and illegal aliens. We act on behalf of and in accordance with the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.
We oppose the racist Atzlanders, Reconquistas, and all other anti-American groups and vow to expose their true agendas.

We are a group of part-time volunteers who share the common goal of taking back our cities, county, state, and nation from those that believe in open borders between sovereign nations and the free flow of unchecked foreign nationals into our country.
We oppose all city-sanctioned and organized day labor pick up sites where illegal aliens are regularly hired by law breaking employers in violation of Federal Law.
We also oppose and will protest any company that has regular employees that are in the United States illegally.
We oppose all government and elected officials that do not enforce our immigration laws and support our Constitution.
We believe educating the public and taking action is the key to winning this battle for our nation. The facts prove beyond a doubt that unchecked immigration policies are destroying America.
Our current lack of border protection also allows terrorists to easily infiltrate America to conduct terrorist attacks.
We must act now before it is too late!

illlegal aliens

We also team up with other Minuteman groups in Southern California periodically to support their efforts.

Near term goal: To have active groups of Minutemen in San Diego working in North, South, and East County areas and all points in between. It only takes two Minutemen to raise a lot of Hell or shut down a mile stretch of border!

Members and Associates: Concerned and Patriotic citizens of all races and backgrounds from all over San Diego County and Southern California.

We invite everyone to join with our effort and participate as you are able. If we stand united, we shall win this fight!

For more information contact: SDMM@cox.net

HighDesert Minutemen


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